Electric Friends


“When you are at a gas station,” said the lady with the shiny red Tesla, “you rarely talk to anyone at nearby pumps. But at Tesla charging stations, you talk to other owners, and have a nice visit!” Charging a Tesla is like a social affair!

When we plugged in the Model X for a quick pop-up at the supercharger in Springfield, OR, we were the only Tesla in the charging area. Fifteen minutes later, after a quick break, we were back at the X and ready to roll. (We’ve come to the area to visit Metalworks, the company restoring & rebuilding Tom’s classic 1981 Toyota FJ-43 Land Cruiser. But that’s another story for another blog!)

We really had to dash to make it to Metalworks before they closed, but the other Tesla owners were keen to see the X, as they'd never seen one in "the flesh." Of course, we enjoy showing the vehicle, especially to such an enthusiastic group. And it is something to see when the falcon wing back doors are raised!

The falcon wings draw a crowd!

The falcon wings draw a crowd!

It's fun talking to electric vehicle owners who think so positively and, more than anything, grasp Tesla's vision of a cleaner world and are thrilled to play a part in the growing movement, and technology, to make it happen.