Tom was one of the very first underwater cinematographers to film in large format High Definition (1080). When he invested in the Sony F-700A system, the major production companies (Nat Geo, Discovery, etc.) told him HD was just a passing fad! But, Tom believed in it and continued to build a stock library that, a few years later, was in great demand when everyone embraced HD. When digital replaced tape, Tom switched to the RED digital cinema system...and sold his original HD library to a private client.

Tom likes to look at things "3 or 4 moves ahead." Foreseeing the future of High Definition - and investing in it - was one of his more insightful & successful business moves!

Click here or on the photo below to watch his original High Definition demo reel that he filmed in 1998 -99!

(But don't stop with this video!  Scroll down to watch his reels filmed in Ultra High Definition with the RED digital cinema system cameras!

The demo reel below was produced for NAUTICAM, the company that builds the underwater housing Tom uses. Filmed with RED EPIC digital cinema cameras in ultra high definition 4K and 5K resolution, the video reveals beautiful ocean creatures large & small.

Komodo, Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful places to dive. The diversity of life is astonishing, colorful, and always mesmerizing. Below is a short video of some of the magic Komodo underwater offers. Enjoy!


In Palau, this seaplane lies upright in 45 feet of water that is generally clear & blue. The starboard wing is bent downward at a 30-degree angle and the engine is broken off from the fuselage. This slow flying reconnaissance seaplane is one of a few JAKEs on Palau and it is very well preserved. It was spotted from the surface by a Palauan fisherman in 1994. The plane apparently crashed during takeoff or landing after the engines had stopped. On impact the tail section, the engine and one of the pontoons broke away.

Tom was alone on a rainy day and had the dive site all to himself. It was calm & quiet in the blue graveyard of this flying machine.