Tom takes a trip or two each year, to dive and film for productions or for library stock. Sometimes there's space for friends and website visitors to join on these expeditions. If you'd like to join Tom, stay tuned to this page, and join his mailing list.


July 24 - August 12, 2019

In February 1944, the Americans spotted the Japanese war fleet hiding in Chuuk Lagoon. They returned to bomb the fleet, sending many ships, submarines, and aircraft to the bottom of the sea. Seventy-five years later, those craft still lie in the depths their structures now covered in a profusion of colorful life. In silent holds and on slowly crumbling decks lie tanks and trucks, mines and munitions, artifacts and airplanes. Truk is considered a world-class dive location and this will be Tom’s 22nd trip there. We’ll be joined by Russ and Barbara van Aardt, of Feroxed Productions in South Africa, who are producing a film about this incredible place. Other friends will join us to explore and enjoy our 18 days at the beautiful Blue Lagoon Resort.

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Expedition Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay, Aboard the MV CHertan

Two back-to-back trips:  October 3-16 and October 17-29, 2018

Milne Bay, where the Chertan cruises along the stunning Papuan coastline, is one of Tom's favorite places in the world to dive. A rare, unspoiled underwater wonderland in the middle of a tropical paradise, the clear, calm waters have provided Tom with some of the best footage and photos.

Tom has chartered the Chertan, owned and operated by Rob van der Loos, many times. Rob has over 35 years' experience in this area and knows all of its secrets! A great feature of Chertan diving is that you aren't restricted to how many dives you can do each day! 

Whether you like nudibranchs or manta rays and anything in between this is the trip for you!

Here's a link to the vessel:

The Chertan has 3 levels of cabins:

Standard base cabin (lacks en suite or head)

Middle deluxe cabin (includes en suite head)

Double executive cabin (full en suite)

Both trips have been fully booked for over a year. However, some medical emergencies recently occurred that have forced a few people to cancel. Therefore, we have some openings:

As of today, January 13, 2018, we have one opening, for a male diver, in the standard cabin for the first trip, Oct 3-16

A middle deluxe cabin is also available for two people, preferably a couple, for the first trip, Oct 3-16.

Please email us for further details.