Road Trip - Prescott, AZ to Santa Barbara, CA

We’re sitting in Burbank at the Tesla showroom, taking a break while our Tesla Model X is hooked into the supercharger outside for a final pop. The drive from Prescott thus far has been a breeze. Not only does the vehicle handle beautifully, it also keeps us informed about a lot of things, including how far we can go on the current charge.

 This model has a range of 257 miles. Our first stop, 3 hours into the trip, was at the Quartzite, AZ, supercharger near the Arizona – California border. We’ve always stopped at the border to fuel up, stretch, take a restroom break, and grab a drink or snack. Before we got the Tesla we timed our stops: it was always at least 20 minutes. Fifteen minutes at Quartzite, refreshed, stretched, and a big cup of ice water in hand, we charged up enough to reach our lunch stop ahead in Indio.


Over the past 4 years driving back and forth between Prescott and Santa Barbara, we’ve often stopped in Indio for lunch at Subway. With the supercharging station right behind Subway it was a no-brainer to stop there this time. We chatted with two other Tesla drivers charging their vehicles, had our sandwiches, then, fully charged, were on the road again.

As long as we drove 70mph or less, autonomous driving could be enabled. At one point, while driving in autonomous mode, the vehicle ahead of us braked suddenly. Our Tesla immediately slowed down and maintained a safe distance. It’s quite a safety feature: if someone ahead of us slammed on the brakes, the car reacts faster than we could to avoid a collision.

Our final stop is Santa Barbara. The worst part about the trip so far? Being back in California traffic! At least we’re in a comfortable and very safe vehicle!